Evening and Weekend Access to GP Appointments

Quote / Testimonial:

Patients registered with a GP in Horsham and Mid Sussex can now access evening and weekend GP appointments.

Patients can book evening and weekend appointments at one of our primary care hubs in the local area providing they have given consent to share their medical records with other medical services that are involved in their care. If a patient has declined to share they will NOT be able to book these appointments.

The service was designed by NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG, working in partnership with local patients and clinicians. The hubs are run by Alliance for Better Care Ltd, the local GP Federation.

How to book into the hubs

The GP hubs offer both routine and urgent appointments which can be booked through the patient’s own GP practice in the normal way, during normal opening hours.

Clinicians working at the hubs will be able to access a patient’s medical records with your agreement. Patients will be asked before any information is shared and can decline if they wish.