Non-urgent advice: Contraception

You can see any GP at the practice to discuss contraception whether you’re starting a new one, or because you wish to make a change.

It is worthwhile to have a look at this website link prior to an appointment so you know the options that are available and this may help you make an informed choice during your appointment as it can be challenging when there are so many possibilities.

We participate in the C card scheme which provides free condoms up to the age of 25. To have a card which entitles you to this you need to make an appointment with a member of our nursing team and then ongoing you can use this card at a number of locations to access free condoms.
We have specialist clinics held routinely on Monday Mornings twice a month to fit/replace/remove coils and implants. 
To arrange one of these appointments we ask that you book into to see a GP who will discuss this and ensure any additional investigations are undertaken prior to be adding to the waiting list for an appointment. 
If you are not continuing with this form of contraception then it is important to consider your next method prior to removal.

Additional information regarding these long acting contraceptives are found via the following links:

Follow up appointments:

Oral contraceptive pill

When starting on a contraceptive pill we will issue 3 months prescription initially and ask that you make a review appointment towards the end of this prescription before you run out. We can then discuss and ensure this is the best contraceptive for you and ongoing will issue 6 monthly prescriptions and review you on an annual basis.

Contraceptive Injections

These will require follow up appointments every 3 months and we ask that you pre arrange to have collected the prescription and bring to your appointment as we do not hold any stock of this at the surgery.

Contraceptive Implants

These are effective for 3 years. It is important not to rely on contraceptives past their expiry date and thus would ask that you ensure you allow at least 2 months to have an appointment with the GP and arrange to have this removed or replaced in due time.

Contraceptive Coils

These have different numbers of years that they are effective for so be sure to know which type of coil you have fitted.

We will arrange a follow up appointment at 6 weeks to ensure you are getting on well with the the coil and also a coil check to ensure the strings are visible. Ongoing it is recommended that you self check you strings on a monthly basis to ensure you know the coil is still in position. If at any time you cannot feel the coil strings. Do not rely on this as a contraceptive and ensure you abstain or use condoms and make a routine appointment with the GP for a coil check. At this appointment the strings may be visible if they are not it is likely that an ultrasound scan may be arranged to assess the position of your coil.

We ask that 2 months prior to the expiry of your coil you make an appointment with the GP to ensure that a removal or change can be arranged in good time.

If you wish to access Contraceptive services outside of the practice these are also provided by a number of other centres locally and you can contact them to arrange appointments for all types of contraception their websites are below.